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In Albania, FES started its activities in 1991 with a conference on democracy and market economy. Democratic political institutions and the socio-economic development were and are the main topics of our activities. In cooperation with Albanian partner organizations, FES aims for the strengthening of a democratic political culture, a socially just and sustainable economic development where the interests and rights of the workers are protected and recognized, the establishment of functioning state structures and an active society.

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The Academy of Consumers III - Engaging youth in the protection of consumer rights

Through the protection of consumer rights and attaining food and product safety, our economic future will become brighter and more sustainable.…


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The Academy of Activism III - Inspiring youth to become advocates for change

Youth participation in civic and political actions is a cornerstone for a dynamic and responsive democracy. When considering the issues that affect…


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Economy for All: A better economy results in a better democracy

Economic development has always been intertwined with political development. Democratic achievements and the strengthening of rule of law are key to…



Koxha, Klaudia

(De)politicization of citizens' concerns on security in Albania's public debate

Understanding and addressing the mismatch
Tirana, 2022

Download publication (3,8 MB PDF-File)

Madhi, Gentiola

Citizens' perception on Albania's Eu integration process

Will the belief that the sun rises from the West prevail?
Tirana, 2022

Download publication (3,4 MB PDF-File)

Beqa, Mentor

Law enforcement and equal treatment of citizens in Albania

The need for a renewed agenda
Tirana, 2022

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