Tuesday, 17.12.2019 - Tirana International Hotel

Civil Society on Electoral Reform

17 December 2019 - The Friedrich Ebert Foundation organized a Forum on Civil Society on Electoral Reform in Albania.

Photo: FES Tirana

Photo: FES Tirana

Photo: FES Tirana

Photo: FES Tirana

Attending the forum were representatives of civil society, experts on electoral systems, constitutionalists, lawyers, as well as members of the Parliamentary Committee on the Electoral Reform. The Oxford Professor, Stephen Whitefield, was part of the panel and shared with participants various perspectives on electoral system applications and how they can be adapted to policies in the country.

It is worth noting that the forum was attended by many representatives of the Diplomatic Corps in Albania, as well as representatives of international institutions and EU institutions.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation sees the need for the voice of civil society and its contribution to be heard for the country's continued improvement. Therefore, establishment of a platform for the various actors of the society to share their opinions and approaches is of a paramount importance for us.


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