The Academy of Consumers III - Engaging youth in the protection of consumer rights

Through the protection of consumer rights and attaining food and product safety, our economic future will become brighter and more sustainable. Ensuring that consumer protection reaches international standards is one of the challenges faced by the Albanian government on its path to EU integration.

In light of this, the third edition of the Consumer Academy was held from February to June 2021 this year with the support of the "Albanian Consumer" Centre and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation, Tirana.

The purpose of the Consumer Academy is to raise awareness and engage young people with issues related to consumer rights. Participants were introduced to information regarding consumer protection, grievance mechanisms and shown how to conduct awareness campaigns.

The Academy was attended by 28 young people from different cities of Albania, such as Shkodra, Kukësi, Durrësi, Peshkopia, Tirana, Peqin, Berat, Elbasan, Patos, Korça. They came from a range of different backgrounds including public administration, civil society, and universities. Due to the situation caused by Covid-19, the lectures took place online.

The Academy was designed as a platform with twenty lectures. Experts from relevant fields provided information and best practices to the participants on a wide variety of topics including consumer protection concerning food and non-food products, consumer contracts, financial education, water supply and electricity contracts, competition, and its role in protecting the economic interests of consumers, environmental protection, the consumer in his/her role as a traveller/passenger, the consumer in his/her role as a patient, non-discrimination in receiving services, the role of media and civil society in the context of central and local government.

Upon successful completion, participants conducted an awareness campaign in their respective cities, their workplaces, and their communities. On 5 October 2021, a ceremony of distribution of certificates was held in the premises of Hotel Rogner, Tirana, in the presence of Ms. Stine Kappler, Director of FES-Tirana.

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