Albanian Trade Unions Presented with the "Gute Arbeit" Concept to Improve Working Conditions

The democratization of trade unions not only strengthens their presence as a creative force in

society, but also offers incentives for workers to become involved in them.

German trade union Ver.di presented the concept of "Gute Arbeit" (Good Work) to Albanian trade unions at a workshop organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Albania. Ver.di has been having a positive experience in Germany with the concept's implementation
as a means toward its goals. "Gute Arbeit" helps to clearly identify the needs of union members by means of a questionnaire, which can then be easily comunicated to the public and employees in particular. Members of the Albanian unions SRNSH, SPPTSH, SPASH, SKOT, KSSH, OPC, and
Solidariteti attended the workshop. The event proved to be a great opportunity, especially for young members of this vast array of Albanian unions, to network and exchange ideas about current challenges at their workplace, digitalization in particular. Participants were able to develop their first drafts of public relations campaigns. It became clear during the workshop that Albanian unions need to continuously raise their and the workers' awareness on the importance of unions' work in relation to protection of their rights. In this regard, the exchange between German and Albanian trade unions - an experience to be repeated in the future - was very valuable in helping Albanian trade unions strengthen their role as strong actors of civil society.


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