PODA, a catchy platform for engaged youngsters

Young people now have a new creative platform to get acquainted with and share perspectives on the most important issues concerning the Albanian society.

The PODA podcast was launched by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in 2022 with young audiences in mind. Inspired by the northern Albanian “odas”, as one of the first local institutions of assembly, it serves as a platform where achievements are celebrated and knowledge and expertise are shared by guests on issues that are sensitive to the Albanians public interest.

Topics addressed include the rights and working conditions in public administration, rights of art workers, use of art as a form of public communication, climate change and public investments, the local cultural scene and the support it needs, women and marginalized communities’ rights, start-ups, democracy development level in the region and the European integration perspective of Western Balkans.

Additionally, PODA keeps a special focus on enabling the sharing of personal experiences as indicators of the general social progress.

Its impact was visible from the first months, as seen in the growing number of its social media followers, thanks to the catchy topics discussed and the great work of the team behind the project.

The growing audience and social media community on four major platforms - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn - has strengthened the team's confidence regarding the right approach to keep young people engaged and informed about causes supported for a long time by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

PODA is moderated by Bekim Shehu, an expert in communication and civil society issues.

Those interested to share their story or contribute can contact at:

Email: podaalbania@gmail.com

Facebook: PODA

Instagram: poda_al



Rr. Kajo Karafili
Nd-14, Hyrja 2, Kati 1, Kutia
Postare 1418
Tiranë, Albania

+355(0)4 22 50 986
+355(0)4 22 73 306


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