Fostering Albanian Youth's Role in Good Governance

Youth can play a key role in the good governance of a democracy once it adopts the necessary

instruments for inclusion.


It is with this scope that the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in cooperation with the National Youth Congress, presented the manual "Youth as partners in good governance" - a guide on legal instruments for inclusion and transparency in youth policy-making. The objective of this event was to inform young people on the legal instruments they can make use of in order to ensure their participation as social mobilizers in policy-making and decision-making processes. Participants got eagerly involved in discussions regarding the Albanian laws on the right to information (no.119/2014), public consultation (no. 146/2014), and co-governance (no. 107/2021). Increasing civic sensitivity among young people regarding the use of legal tools for information, consultation and monitoring of public policies are important elements for promoting good governance, transparency and accountability of public authorities.


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