PODA, the second season of raising the voice of Albanian youth.

The PODA podcast is an innovative project of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Tirana, conceived with and moderated by Bekim Shehu, an expert in communication and civil society issues.

The second season of PODA is specially designed for young people who want to explore and address important issues in Albanian society. This year, PODA is in not only in the format of a podcast but it also includes a short report as an intro before the studio discussion. With an engaging format, PODA serves as a platform for young people to discuss crucial topics such as labour rights, sustainable development, political parties, sustainable tourism and feminism.

In this second season, PODA delves into the field of labour rights. Based on the last study of FES Tirana authored by Adriatik Kotorri, PODA aims to shed light on issues such as fair treatment and labour laws in the call centre sector.

Sustainable development is another critical topic for PODA. By providing a platform for dialogue and sharing inspiring examples, PODA inspires young people to become agents of change in building a greener future, and thus, delving into innovative approaches and ideas. Through the experience and expertise of activists like Rea Nepravishta, PODA has shown real examples of dealing with major issues through individual and collective perseverance.

Politics plays a major role in shaping our society and PODA digs into the sphere of political parties and political culture. By analysing the ideologies, policies and practices of different political parties in Albania, it helps give a full understanding of their impact on society. Through engaging conversation with Italian creative professional Vincenzo Giannattasio, PODA aims to encourage young people to participate actively in the democratic process through the experiences of a foreigner who has lived in Albania for more than a decade.

Last but not least, PODA embraces feminism and gender equality, the specific challenges faced by women in Albania but also the achievements of feminist movements in the various ways it’s moved society forward.

Join PODA to become part of a vibrant community of young people committed to addressing core issues by amplifying your voices, inspiring change and contributing to a better narrative for Albania's future.

Those interested in sharing their story or contributing can contact us at:

Email: podaalbania@gmail.com

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