Economy for All: A better economy results in a better democracy

Economic development has always been intertwined with political development. Democratic achievements and the strengthening of rule of law are key to reforming social welfare systems and stimulating growth. Maintaining a balance between the economic and the political is key to establishing a more prosperous and equal society.

To explore this relationship, the "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation initiated the "Economy for All" programme to re-examine the role of economic and social actors in order to lay the foundations for establishing a new socio-economic model.

On October 19, 2021, two studies and a research paper by the initiative were presented to the public: "Economic system and the role of the State in society" - Opinions and attitudes of the Albanian public,"Productivity: The Achilles Heel of the Albanian Economy" and "Industrialization policies."

All three publications investigate problems prevalent in the Albanian economy and present policy recommendations to tackle these issues. Areas of relevance noted by the researchers involve improving the business climate, attaining economic and social equality, supporting, and investing in innovation, education as well as infrastructure. Policymakers, some of whom were present at the event organized by FES, play a key role in enabling and implementing the recommendations of these works. The papers are of value to economists and researchers as well as business representatives, civil society, students, and academics who view that economics is closely linked to democratization processes.



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