In June 2023, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in collaboration with the Albanian National Environment Council, organized the first Tirana Green Academy.

This initiative works to empower new environmental groups and encourage dialogue between them and local environmental government agencies as a tool for increasing the effectiveness and prioritization of environmental and climate issues in relation to local decision-making.

A group of 24 dynamic young people, activists, and others engaged with environmental issues were selected to participate in the Academy. Over the first two weekends, the participants had the opportunity to attend lectures and participate in discussions and working groups focused on environmental issues, including climate change, the importance of active environments and involving citizens working for environment protection.

Prominent experts from civil society, local and central government bodies, media personalities, and others shared their expertise at the Academy.

The third weekend was dedicated to the strategic formulation and reporting of environmental policies and initiatives, with a particular focus on climate change. Participants were intensively involved in the discussion group, using the knowledge obtained in the academy, analysing the protection of the city's environment. This documentation was aimed at drafting a set of proposals to be supported by the Municipal Council of Tirana, for a greener, more mature future for Tirana and beyond.


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