Reflecting on 32 Years of Dedication and Unity: A Journey Through Time with the Post and Telecom Workers Union

The Albanian Post and Telecom Workers Union, in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, presented a reflection of their 32 years of hard work in the telecommunications sector since the Union’s establishment, shown in a photography exhibition at the National Theater.

This remarkable exhibition allowed us to reappraise decades of dedication, steadfastness and unwavering unity that have been the cornerstone of the union's success and achievements.

Union members, representatives of the companies ONE Albania and Teleperformance Albania, a representative of the German service workers union Ver.di, the US Solidarity Center, and other unions and representatives of other partner organizations participated in this ceremony.

From their humble beginnings to becoming a driving force in shaping the telecommunications landscape of Albania, the Post and Telecom Workers Union has remained a symbol of strength, advocacy, and progress. Through an array of captivating photographs and visuals, this exhibition offered an insightful retrospective that highlighted pivotal moments, dedicated individuals, and groundbreaking achievements that have defined the union's journey.


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