LGBTI+ Rights in Albania: Achieving equality through increasing awareness

Ensuring that minorities feel supported and free to engage in a society free from discrimination is essential to building a fair workforce and tolerant democracy.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in cooperation with the People’s Advocate Institution Albania and Open Mind Spectrum, implemented a project that explores the issues faced by the LGBTI+ community in Albania, highlighting the steps needed to ensure equal representation and combat discrimination in society.

The project consisted of a study, awareness-raising through a training, and the distribution of information leaflets aimed at informing the young people who are part of Youth Political Forums. Interaction with young political activists on the topic of LGBTQ+ rights and issues are an important step to ensuring that these issues are understood by future political actors. 

The study, which included surveys distributed online, "LGBTI Civic Engagement Program: Policy and Representation for the Advancement of LGBTI Community Rights in Albania" was published as part of this project.LGBTI+ Rights in Albania: Achieving equality through increasing awareness

Members of the LGBTI+ community face issues of discrimination in many aspects of life, including when accessing healthcare, education, and employment. This project was created to educate the public on the topic and achieve a more accepting and non-discriminatory society for LGBTI+ people in Albania.


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