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Local Youth Policy - Employment Master Plans

In the framework of the close and long-term cooperation in the initiative "Live Your City", Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in cooperation with the National Youth Congress,has implemented throughout 2020 the "Local Youth Policy - Employment Master Plans" Project, focusing on promoting youth employment in 12 Municipalities of the country.

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The annual program began with the capacity building of 12 local coordinators for strategic planning and was followed by 12 online consultation meetings. These meetings brought together youth organizations in 12 Municipalities, local decision-makers from Municipal Councils and Municipal Administrations, local and national experts, representatives of Employment Offices and partners who have been active in the field of employment throughout the year and beyond. The focus was on local data and incentives, youth demands, challenges and opportunities for creating a microclimate on fostering employment.

The second phase of this project enabled the realization of a strategic workshop with well-known experts in the field of employment and economics. This workshop contributed to the content and orientation of 12 Employment Master Plans. Throughout this workshop, the project team gained in-depth information and analysis on the national and international legal framework for employment promotion, existing strategies and action plans, available funds and multilateral approach, employment trends, entrepreneurship and the role of local institutions in the employment framework of young people.

The 12 Youth Employment Master Plans have laid the foundations for a long-term cooperation between youth structures and institutions. They also provide a good picture, analysis and concrete planning to promote youth employment at the local level.

For more information, please download the Employment Plans in the following link:



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