Wednesday, 11.12.2019 - Tirana International Hotel

Migration, Education and European Integration

11 December 2019 - The Friedrich Ebert Foundation organized a round table focusing on Migration, Education and European Integration in Tirana, given that these topics are real challenges of the Albanian youth in particular, and of the Albanian society in general.

Photo: FES Tirana

Photo: FES Tirana

Photo: FES Tirana

Photo: FES Tirana

Photo: FES Tirana

The discussions from this round table were based on the findings of the Albanian Youth Study 2018/2019 (FES), as well as the regional study, which compares the situation of young people based in the same methodology for all the South-Eastern European Countries.

Part of the panel were experts on the three addressed issues. The need for a holistic approach where the engagement of public institutions, academic institutions, media, business, experts is necessary for improving the situation in all three areas – namely migration, education and integration.

The Albanian Youth Study 2018/2019 tells us that there is still much to be improved in youth engagement in various social, economic and political aspects. Youth energy and potential is an added value of our society, which needs to set it in motion.

Similar issues, such as the high migration trend, youth dissatisfaction with the education system and the need to be part of the European community are evident in other Southeast European countries as well (according to data presented by FES Regional Study).

The purpose of this roundtable was to serve an ongoing awareness-raising of representatives of civil society and public institutions on the need for a qualitative commitment of all chains of the society in improving the youth situation in the country.


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