"Social Ecological Transformation" - Local municipalities in Albania map a green path forward

Socio-ecology explores how we interact with and respond to our environment and what effect these interactions can have on our societies. In Albania, the topic of socio-ecological transformation is relatively new and has received limited attention. However, as seen through the workshop "Social-Ecological Transformation", there is a desire to discuss and raise awareness about the importance of green initiatives for sustainable development.

The workshop was held on April 9-10, 2021 in the framework of the project "Local Youth Action Plans on Just Cities, Green Policies and Green Employment". This long-term initiative of the National Youth Congress and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Tirana will contribute to the empowerment of young people and the improvement of youth policies locally.

Twelve local coordinators and twelve representatives of the Municipalities of Tirana, Vlora, Elbasan, Shkodra, Kukës, Dibra, Përmet, Lezha, Roskovec, Dimal, Kamza, and Korça participated in the event.

The training module was based on the "Climate Manual for Municipalities", a publication of the BayernForum of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung to assist participants in understanding the concept of social-ecological transformation, what areas are affected by this transformation, and to share good practices between Germany and Albania.

This workshop was led by Prof. Dr. Manfred Miosga, Professor of Urban and Regional Development at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. He spoke about global climate change, the role that local government plays in a country's ecological transformation, energy transformation, mobility transformation, heat transformation and sustainable housing, industrial transformation, and agrarian transformation.

Workshop participants were tasked to make a detailed analysis of the situation in each of the municipalities. They then needed to identify possible actions that can be taken to improve the situation. Divided into four groups, participants designed four mini-projects that will be part of this initiative in the future.


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