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06.02.2024 | Spotlight in Foreign Policy | Spotlight in Foreign Policy
Pika të zeza apo të ndritshme? - Ditmir Bushati, Shkurt 2024
Viti 2024 duket që do të shënjohet nga luftrat dhe zgjedhjet, të cilat do të ndikojnë në fatin e një pjese të mirë të popullsisë së botës. Në kuptimin e sigurisë, pikënisja e vitit 2024 mund të jetë…  
10.10.2023 | Publication
Economy 2.0: Education and startups as social factors
On May 29, 2023, together with representatives of civil society, young people invested in startups, experts, lecturers of the Faculty of Economics and representatives of the government and the…  
Reflecting on 32 Years of Dedication and Unity: A Journey Through Time with the Post and Telecom Workers Union
The Albanian Post and Telecom Workers Union, in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, presented a reflection of their 32 years of hard work in the telecommunications sector since the…  
10.10.2023 | Publication
Consumer Academy 5 - Strengthening the role of consumers in the European Union Integration process
The Friedrich Ebert Foundation in cooperation with the Albanian Consumer Centre organized the 5th annual Consumer Academy.  
10.10.2023 | Publication
In June 2023, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in collaboration with the Albanian National Environment Council, organized the first Tirana Green Academy.  
09.10.2023 | Publication
PODA, the second season of raising the voice of Albanian youth.
The PODA podcast is an innovative project of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Tirana, conceived with and moderated by Bekim Shehu, an expert in communication and civil society issues.  
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Privacy Policy The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V. attaches the utmost importance to the protection of your personal data. It strictly adheres to the legal provisions governing the permissibility of…  
30.03.2023 | Publication
A house divided: Political polarization in Albania
"A house divided: Political polarization in Albania" was the topic of discussion at "Tirana Times Book House" on the 21st of March 2023.  
31.01.2023 | Publication
RinON Youth Gains Hands-on Experience in Media and Public Debate
For the third time in a row, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in partnership with the National Youth Congress, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and EuroNews Albania have worked together throughout 2022 to…  
09.01.2023 | Publication
Series of Documentaries: "Iron...Dust...Fear"
- "Iron... 10 years waiting for the Durres-Tirana train" - "Dust... What is left of the Elbasan-Pogradec railway line?" - "Fear: Where are the girls and women when it gets dark?"  
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