Series of Documentaries: "Iron...Dust...Fear"

- "Iron... 10 years waiting for the Durres-Tirana train"

- "Dust... What is left of the Elbasan-Pogradec railway line?"

- "Fear: Where are the girls and women when it gets dark?"

The series of documentaries produced by the Citizens Channel with the support of the "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation deals precisely with the gap that the public's forgetfulness has left in public transport. The Albanian railway network today resembles only a distant memory of what it was during the 1980s. With the change of regime, rails rusted and trains were destroyed, while governments focused on building roads and citizens turned to private cars. This reversal of priorities left all forms of public transport in oblivion, isolating especially the most disadvantaged sections of society.

  • The #IRON of the rails that once connected people today has turned to rust. More than half of the 447 kilometers of railway is completely out of order, and what is left is almost unusable. The first documentary of this cycle deals with the "long road from Tirana to Durrës" bringing stories from the eyes of experts, users and former employees of the railway.

  • For several decades, thousands of Albanians worked for the construction of dozens of tunnels, bridges, stations and works that today are under #DUST. The second documentary of this cycle is a journey into this forgotten infrastructure and a conversation with the people who built it.

  • Where are the girls and women when it gets dark? In small towns and villages, movement is often the privilege of men. The lack of safe public transport is associated with isolation and #FEAR for girls in rural areas. In the last documentary of this cycle, we went to Kurbin, to witness how the girls have come together to challenge this phenomenon.


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