Socio-ecological transformation as a prerequisite for sustainable development and green agenda

Throughout 2022, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation was engaged in the national identification of successful initiatives that promote the sustainable development approach.

This initiative came as a continuation of the work done in cooperation with the National Youth Congress in the 12 districts of Albania, involving a vast array actors including the business community, local institutions, non-governmental organizations and individuals invested in the field.

The selection, dialogue and promotion of some of the green initiatives brings to public attention topics such as energy transformation, mobility transformation, nutrition transformation and overall lifestyle transformation.

You can get a lot of information and authentic stories about motivations, models, costs and benefits, difficulties but also support through the short documentary made this year.

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With the active involvement of local institutions in the 12 regions of Albania, and all other actors already part of our journey, the coming year will bring a structured dialogue at the local and national level, as well as joint development alternatives.

Stay tuned!


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