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01.09.2022 | Publication
Social-Ecological Transformation in the district of Berat
During the months of April - June 2022, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in cooperation with the organization New Bridges, implemented the project "Social Ecological Transformation in Berat district".  
LGBTI+ Rights in Albania: Achieving equality through increasing awareness
Ensuring that minorities feel supported and free to engage in a society free from discrimination is essential to building a fair workforce and tolerant democracy.  
Western Balkans forum brainstorms solutions for regional challenges
The six countries of the Western Balkans are striving toward EU membership and although each may be at different points of progress, their goals for secure, democratic, and peaceful societies are…  
Imagining a better future by embracing stories from the past.
The inspirational journeys of five left-wing Albanian figures are memorialized in a video series.  
Harnessing the power of social media to promote the work of trade unions
In our modern digitalised world social media has become an important part of our lives, whether to communicate with others or consume news and participate in debate, social media platforms provide a…  
Youth of Kurbin and Patos have their voices heard in local government
Democracy is strengthened when young people play an active role in the political system. Their voices and views are needed when creating policy and enacting projects that affect their future. To…  
The Academy of Consumers III - Engaging youth in the protection of consumer rights
Through the protection of consumer rights and attaining food and product safety, our economic future will become brighter and more sustainable. Ensuring that consumer protection reaches international…  
The Academy of Activism III - Inspiring youth to become advocates for change
Youth participation in civic and political actions is a cornerstone for a dynamic and responsive democracy. When considering the issues that affect society the youth must have a voice. Encouraging…  
Economy for All: A better economy results in a better democracy
Economic development has always been intertwined with political development. Democratic achievements and the strengthening of rule of law are key to reforming social welfare systems and stimulating…  
The Youth and Elections 2021: Giving youth a voice in the electoral process
The Youth and Elections 2021 Project was created to break down the barrier between young people and politicians. Before the 2021 general elections, young participants engaged with politicians through…  
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